The secret is out!

Hi there!

My name is Kristian. For 3 weeks I have carried around a very “spectacular secret”, which I am really happy to share with you today; On Tuesday the 28th of May, MainManager officially “ignited” the collaboration with two very important future business partners in Denmark – the Municipality of Aarhus and KMD.

In the foto below you find me – the “happy knight”, in the upper right hand corner – surrounded by decision-makers from the Municipality of Aarhus and KMD – all gathered to sign an important contract.

Great new collaboration

The Municipality of Aarhus is the second largest Municipality in Denmark. They have decided to implement KMD Opus MainManager as a result of an extensive competition process. KMD Opus MainManager is our joint FM-offer to the Municipalities in Denmark, and we feel very proud of this new collaboration.

KMD is the leading distributor of ERP applications to municipalities in Denmark, with a market share of around 70% in the segment. The municipality of Aarhus has a portfolio of more than 2,2 million square meters – and will very soon be the largest client in Denmark, using MainManager. KMD Opus and MainManager has a huge potential in creating outstanding synergies by integrating ERP and Facility Management processes in a joint value proposition to the public market in Denmark.

Scandinavian readers can find more information in this press release from KMD Opus.

Finally a warm thank you to KMD and all my colleagues for their extensive contribution to make this dream come true!

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