Central Denmark Region chooses MainManager

Central Denmark Region has signed an agreement with ICEconsult for the use of MainManager. MainManager will be used to optimize and manage the operation and maintenance of Central Denmark Region ‘s asset portfolio, which consists of more than 1.200.000 square metres.

All information regarding Central Denmark Region ‘s portfolio will be transferred to MainManager in order to create a basis for an optimal view of tasks, resources, energy  consumption and real estate costs. In the first phase of the implementation the focus will be on importing all Central Denmark Region ‘s existing data to MainManager. Central Denmark Region has several large hospitals under construction which will be added to the system in the later stages of the project. MainManager was chosen from a group of similar systems and was awarded a four year contract.

Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark Region is one of five administrative units in Denmark. Their primary responsibility is healthcare, involving responsibility for hospital services, including psychiatry, health insurance, general practitioners and specialists. In addition the region operates a number of social institutions. Around 30.000 employees work to carry out regional tasks at all levels.

“A mature and modern system”
The Danish FM-magazine optimizing writes about the selection
of MainManager at Central Denmark Region.